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Welcome to AllOfficecenters!

Thank you for visiting our page ("Services"). Your services are provided by AllOfficecenters GmbH, Berner Straße 107, 60437 Frankfurt/Germany.
E-mail: info(at)allofficecenters.com

General terms and conditions

1. Scope
The following terms apply exclusively to the contractual relationship between the user (“User“) and AllOfficecenters GmbH (“AllOfficecenters“) with regards to the acquisition of commercial property (“T&Cs“). The AllOfficecenters terms and conditions also apply outside of the Federal Republic of Germany and are independent of the nationality of the User.

2. No conclusion of contract between the User and AllOfficecenters
2.1 Within the scope of its activities, AllOfficecenters acts solely as an intermediary for business centres (“services”). The contractual obligation of AllOfficecenters is to provide this service in accordance with regulations.
2.2 Upon conclusion of a contract between the User and the relevant business centre, a contractual relationship is established exclusively between the business centre provider and in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the relevant provider; AllOfficecenters is not a party to the contract. The general terms and conditions of the relevant business centre are generally made available prior to conclusion of the contract and require the acceptance of the User. Within the scope of the services provided, the User is obligated to familiarise themselves with the consequences of concluding the contract with the relevant business centre.
2.3 AllOfficecenters has no influence on whether the business centre accepts the contract proposal of the User. The offers displayed on the AllOfficecenters website are non-binding contractual agreements.
2.4 AllOfficecenters uses information collected upon a User enquiry exclusively for the purpose of developing its services.

3. Industrial property rights, copyright, accessing the offer, ban of commercial use
3.1 The site (“Internet site“) as well as its underlying software and database are copyright protected.
3.2 AllOfficecenters exclusively reserves the rights to all creator, trademark or other laws right on the basis of the unfair competition which protects the site, internet offer or parts thereof.
3.3 This particularly applies to rights to published texts, internet design and the logo used.

4. Liability of AllOfficecenters as an intermediary/limitation of liability
4.1 Details of the properties available for rent are based solely on the details of the responsible business centre for AllOfficecenters. They do not constitute own specifications or warranty by AllOfficecenters to the User. With regards to the services provided, AllOfficecenters accepts no liability for services provided by the business centre, merely for the proper transfer of User information to the relevant business centre within the scope of the contract. The User is not liable for the accuracy of details provided by the contractual parties, provided AllOfficecenters has not transferred this information with gross negligence or wrongful intent.
4.2 AllOfficecenters accepts no liability for uninterruptable availability of the system and website, as well as for system-induced failures, breakdowns and faults with technical equipment and AllOfficecenters services. Liability is in particular excluded in the case of communication networks and gateways. Liability is excluded in the event of significant access failures with regards to AllOfficecenters online services.
4.3 In the event that damages occur in connection with procurement activity provided by AllOfficecenters, AllOfficecenters will be liable in the case of minor negligence – for whatever legal reason – to the User for damage compensation, if a body, employee or agent of AllOfficecenters has breached a contractual obligation. In this case, liability is limited to the standard form of compensation and limited to the cost of the provided service. AllOfficecenters accepts additional liability in the event of:
• damage as a result of wilful or gross breach of contractual obligation on the part of AllOfficecenters, its legal representative and/or agent,
• AllOfficecenters prior to or upon conclusion of contract agreeing a contractual service that can no longer be provided or
• damage being caused as result of wilful or gross breach of contractual obligation, i.e. a contractual obligation significant to the User whereby he would not have concluded the contract unless this aspect of the contract would be fulfilled.
4.5 Claims filed against AllOfficecenters for existing damages with respect to services provided by AllOfficecenters shall expire within one year of the statutory limitation period. The statutory period of limitation shall apply.

5. Ban on surrender
Surrender of claims by the User against AllOfficecenters, as well as against a spouse or relative is not permitted.

6. Links to third party websites
This website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by parties other than AllOfficecenters. These hyperlinks are made available for the purpose of information only. AllOfficecenters has no control over these websites and is not responsible for their content. The inclusion of hyperlinks to such websites by AllOfficecenters implies neither approval of the material of these websites nor association with their operators.

7. Place of jurisdiction and legal statute
All legal disputes, regardless of their legal reason, will be resolved at the county court, Frankfurt am Main/Germany, provided the User is a businessperson in the sense of the German Commercial Code, the User has no general place of jurisdiction at their home location or upon conclusion of the contract their residence or habitual place of abode has moved outside the jurisdiction of the German Code of Civil Procedure or this is not known at the time the complaint is filed. The contractual relationships between the parties shall be governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany to the exclusion of the rules on the conflict of laws as per the Introductory Act to the German Civil Code (EGBGB).

8. Final provisions
8.1 These general terms and conditions are finalised for governing the legal relationship between AllOfficecenters and the User. Amendments or additions to these general terms and conditions must be confirmed in writing, as well as cancellations of these. AllOfficecenters reserves the right to make amendments to the T&Cs at any time. The T&Cs agreed upon conclusion of the contract are valid.
8.2 If a regulation of the contract or a part of this regulation is or becomes ineffective, the validity of the rest of the contract remains unaffected.

As at May 2015