About us


Helping you grow your international business and set up new offices around the world, AllOfficeCenters has access to the most creative and functional worldwide office spaces to meet all of your business needs. Our consultancy services help you navigate the rental or leasing processes and provide you with a short list of the best locations in your ideal location so that you can focus on what really matters.

Whether you’re looking for office space in London, an office in Dubai, a business center in Frankfurt, or offices in Paris, our professional location advising team is here to help. With connections in over 800 cities in 100 countries, one of our 2000+ locations is guaranteed to suit your international office needs.

AllOfficeCenters provides a free overview of all business centers.

We work together with all business centres and are therefore able to guarantee an extensive, and above all, unbiased consultancy service. We pride ourselves on a professional and precise service. Our experienced consultants have successfully brokered deals for hundreds of clients and know the market inside out.

“It is particularly important in this labyrinth to work with a consultant who knows the market well and provides professional advice. That is exactly what we aim to do!”

Management board of AllOfficeCenters