Here you will find the answers to a list of frequently asked questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if your question has not been answered here.

1. What is AllOfficeCenters and what service does it provide?
The platform AllOfficeCenters provides an extensive overview of all business centers. You can search for business centers in a specific location and request information about them free of charge. The business centers are listed on the left hand side of the page and on the main map. You can put together a list of centers which you are interested in and request more information. Our experienced team of advisers, who have brokered deals with over 100,000m² office space in total, are on hand to provide individual guidance to find the perfect business center to meet your needs.

2. What is a business center?
A business center provides furnished and equipped offices with IT infrastructure. They also generally provide equipped meeting rooms, staffed reception, post and telephone services, individual telephone numbers, cleaning, catering, administrative and secretarial support amongst other services. This service ensures a high level of flexibility and is time efficient from day one. You do not need to make large financial investments and can start your business in a representative and professional environment.

3. How much does an enquiry on AllOfficeCenters cost?
Your enquiry and our advisory service, including brokering a contract with the business center on your behalf, are all free of charge for you as a tenant. We receive payment from the business center provider.

4. What office sizes are available in a business center?
Business centers have offices of varying sizes and layouts. Whether you require a single office, a team office or an open plan office, business centers provide flexible options to meet your needs. You can also rent meeting and conference rooms, day offices, project offices or a virtual office.

5. What term can be negotiated with a business center?
Business centers offer very flexible terms in comparison to a traditional office lease. As well as day offices, terms of a few months or years are all possible. As a rule of thumb; the longer the term, the lower the cost. We are more than happy to advise you on the right term for your business model.

6. Who owns the business centers you feature?
Business centers are businesses run by a provider. The owner of a property generally rents his property, or parts of it, to a provider which will fit out and run the business center independently of the property owner.

7. What prices can I expect to pay in a business center?
Prices vary strongly from center to center. The main factors which determine the cost are location, fit out, quality and size of office. Furthermore, contract terms, service package and the number of workspaces will influence the cost. Send us your requirements and we will put together an unconditional quote for you. AllOfficeCenters does not publish prices as quotes are always made on an individual basis according to your requirements.

8. How can I arrange a viewing?
Just enter your preferred date for viewings together with your list of chosen business centers when you submit it. Viewings can normally be arranged at short notice. You can also wait until you have received the requested information and prices from us, then contact either us or your chosen business center directly to arrange a viewing.

9. What is better? Business center vs. conventional office
A number of costs must be considered when looking for an office, including the cost of moving, refurbishment, technical infrastructure, maintenance and of course rent and service charges. Transactional costs such as broker’s fees must also be considered as well as investment in furniture, equipment and company stationery. Many of these costs can be avoided by using the services of a business center, where offices are already furnished and the IT infrastructure, kitchen facilities, sanitary areas and meeting rooms are shared by all tenants. Finally, personnel costs for a secretary or assistant can also be minimised by utilising the on-site secretarial support in a business center, where you only pay for the actual time used. In direct comparison the financial advantage of a business center over a conventional office is clear. A further advantage of business centers is flexibility. You do not have to enter long-term contracts and are able to expand or reduce the amount of space you have at short notice, thus minimisingrisk.

10. Which costs are covered by the rent?
The following items are generally covered in the rental price: rent, service costs, infrastructural service, tax, furniture, heating, electricity, air-conditioning, lighting, reception, security, use of kitchen facilities and sanitary areas. Meeting rooms and professional services can be booked on request with negotiable rates. A selection of available services and facilities: 24 hours access, Cleaning, Meeting room,s Secretarial service, Telephone system, Air conditioning, Broadband internet connection, Storage facilities, TV and video equipment, Alarm system, Video-conferencing system, Answerphone service, IT service, Premium furniture, Company sign, Parking, Reception service, Telephone answering service and Wi-fi.

11. How can I receive pricing information?
First of all you can select the business center you are interested in and submit your selection on the website. We will then contact you shortly with the required information and prices.

12. I don’t want to do an online selection, I would rather discuss it on the phone.
You are of course welcome to contact us by phone to tell us your requirements. We would be happy to help you find the perfect office for your business needs.

13. I haven’t been contacted by the business center. What should I do now?
The business center provider generally contacts potential clients within a few hours so if this is not the case, please get in touch with us and we will take care of it immediately.

14. What are the advantages of a business center?

  • Business centers are the economical choice over conventional offices for up to 20 workspaces. The financial advantage ranges according to the number of workspaces from 24% to over 200%.
  • Business centers offer flexible terms reducing the risk of committing to a long-term lease. They help reduce fixed cost risk and at the same time provide the flexibility to expand or reduce your office space as required
  • Business centers are time and cost efficient allowing you to start work immediately
  • Business centers enable small teams to base their business at a representative address in an exclusive location, contributing to the corporate image
  • Business centers enable stable financial planning
  • Business centers free up your time to let you concentrate on your core business
  • Business centers help protect your assets by keeping investment in furniture and infrastructure at an absolute minimum
  • Virtual Offices are an attractive alternative to a conventional office, reducing fixed costs to an absolute minimum whilst benefiting from a representative business address
  • Business centers provide cost-effective meeting and conferencing facilities especially in comparison to hotels and conference centers where you would also be required to book accommodation and catering.